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Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

Yorktown Crew is a community, comprised of athletes, coaches, parents, and others our program touches either directly or indirectly by our actions (e.g. Yorktown High School, Arlington Public Schools, VASRA, the venues at which we compete, the Arlington community at large, and more)

As a community, our mission is to foster a love for the sport of rowing through an inclusive, supportive environment grounded in hard work, positive and open communication, transparency, honesty, consistency, and active engagement by all involved. Though athletes and coaches are most often the public face of our community, it is our collective expectation and commitment that all members of our rowing community will exhibit good sportsmanship both on and off the water, have the utmost respect for peers, coaches, and officials involved in scholastic rowing both inside and outside our program, and will uphold the values of YHS Crew.

The spirit of this mission is demonstrated by our commitment to standards that include but are by no means limited to the following:

•    Fairness and Sportsmanship. Though our community is centered on a competitive sport, members of this community are committed to fairness in the treatment of one another and those whom we compete against. This begins with good sportsmanship, but it includes the fair treatment of others inside or outside of competition and training. YHS crew does not condone and will not tolerate actions by its members that discriminate based on gender, religion, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or belief, or that result in the mistreatment of anyone for these reasons or any others, be that mistreatment physical, written, verbal, emotional, or otherwise.
•    Athleticism and Work Ethic. The YHS crew community is committed to providing athletes opportunities that allow for their ongoing improvement as rowers and coxswains, and as athletes and individuals. Enhancing an athlete's awareness of the positive impact of hard work, development of measurable skills, attention to detail and the ability to deal with adversity are tools valuable in life as well as in athletic competition. A strong work ethic, along with disciplined judgment, is intended to encourage the athlete to recognize and value team accomplishments above personal achievement. Through consistent analysis and reflection, the athlete comes to a better understanding of their sport, teammates, and values the spirit of competition.

•    Social/Emotional Wellbeing. Student-Athletes will demonstrate compassion, responsibility and dedication to their team, teammates, coaches, and competitors and act always with integrity, honor and an understanding of their individual role in the school and community. Equally, coaches and parents are expected to demonstrate the same, to each other, to their athletes, and to the rowing and larger community in which we take part, setting an example for their athletes and the sport. Spirit, loyalty, confidence, self-esteem, and enjoyment of the sport are sought as visible components and indicators of a positive experience. 

•    Safety. Encompassing all of the above standards of conduct – fairness and sportsmanship, athleticism and work ethic, and social and emotional wellbeing – is an overarching priority of safety, and safety in every respect. This sport takes place on the water. It physically demands of its participants more than most sports. In addition, to be successful, crew requires a strong and healthy mental state, not simply at the individual level, but at the boat, team, and cultural levels. Ensuring safety and a safe environment in all these respects isn’t simply a priority – it is the job of everyone in the community and the expectation of the community that everyone will play their part.

This is the mission of Yorktown Crew. To remain in good standing with Yorktown Crew, Athletes, Coaches, and Parents are expected to meet the items outlined in this mission statement and serve as examples of what it means to be ‘One Yorktown’ – a community built on trust, respect, good sportsmanship, and a safe environment for all.

We have read and accept the Yorktown High School Crew Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.
Boat Shoes

Because of COVID guidelines, all athletes will need to own a pair of specialized clip-in shoes. If you rowed with TBC Racing this past summer or fall, or are currently rowing in the Spring season, you should already have a pair. Please note that coxswains do not need boat shoes/clips.

By selecting your shoe size range below, you will be purchasing your shoes. The cost is $110. If you already own a pair of shoes, or are a coxswain, please indicate this by checking the appropriate box below: 

I already own a pair of boat shoes and clips.
I am a coxswain.
Additional Information

Please review the information below. This information will also be included in the confirmation email you receive after you register. Points of contact will also be included in case you need to reach out for any further instruction or questions. 

Requirement for a Physical
All students participating in Yorktown High School sports must complete the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination for the current school year. The VHSL form can be found in the Files and Links section of the Yorktown Athletics website, located here: https://yorktownsports.org/main/filesLinks

Team Snap
Team Snap is currently our team's primary form of communication. Approximately 1-3 days after you submit your team registration, you will be invited to register for Team Snap.  It is very important that you include BOTH your email address and your rower’s email, as this app is how the coaches will communicate with your child regarding practice, regattas, etc and how you will receive all team related news. The point of contact for Team Snap is Dave Underwood at daveu4019@gmail.com

Team App
We know it’s confusing, but Team App is the new means of communication for APS Sports starting 2020-21 school year. We encourage families to also download this app or register online at https://www.teamapp.com

Swim Test
All new rowers must complete a swim test prior to rowing on the water.  Coaches will send out the procedures via Team Snap after you register.

Crew for the Cure Fundraiser
Our Crew for the Cure Fundraiser, one of our only two fundraisers for the year, will take place on April 24th.  All rowers will be required to participate.  More information will be distributed via Team Snap in the next couple weeks. 

All varsity rowers, if they do not already have one, will need to purchase a uniform.  The link to purchase the uniform will be included in your confirmation email and will need to be done by March 19th, as they take almost 6 weeks to be made and shipped. Novices (8th graders, freshman or an upperclassman who has never raced before) will race in tech shirts purchased locally and will not need to purchase a uniform. The point of contact for uniforms is Cathy Gaudian at cmgaudian@gmail.com

US Rowing Membership
Every rower must have a valid US Rowing membership to participate.  If you have rowed in past year with Yorktown Crew, you likely already have a membership and you will need to make sure it is valid (they are only valid for one year).  New rowers should go to https://membership.usrowing.org/ and join with an individual membership. Our Yorktown High School code is E44E6. Returning rowers will need to make sure they have not only renewed their membership, but signed the new release of the liability waiver that was sent via email by US Rowing at the beginning of March 2021.

Refund Policy
In the best interest of the program and to ensure future continuity, please note that we will not be able to provide any refunds this year.

Novice Liaison
For new families with general questions, please contact Susan Woods, our Novice Liaison, at susanwoodsschneider@gmail.com

Please check this box to show that you have read and understand the additional information provided above. 

We have read and understand the additional information provided.
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