Dorothy Hamm Middle School PTSA E-Z Form
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Use this simple form to JOIN the PTSA, DONATE to the Phoenix Fund, the DHMS PTSA's Annual Fundraiser, and SIGN UP for regular communications.  For additional information about our PTSA, visit the website at

JOIN the Dorothy Hamm Middle School PTSA! Dues paid today are for the current school year (July 1st through June 30th).

Our goal is to have all DHMS community members participate in the PTSA. If dues are an obstacle, please select the PTSA Sponsorship membership option. Once the DHMS PTSA confirms funding availability, you will receive an email to confirm your DHMS PTSA membership.

1 Adult - $10
2 Adults - $20
1 Student - $5
2 Students - $10
PTSA Sponsorship

One DHMS, One Week will be held again this year the week of October 24th. This is our one week to shine a spotlight on school spirit and support. During the week and weeks leading up to October 24th, we hope to raise $28,000 to fund various school projects and scheduled teacher and student activities. We are running a contest to reward class participation and hope we get as many families to participate as possible. 

Prizes for this year’s participation will be rewarded to:

  • Top TA in each grade with the highest percent class participation will receive breakfast sponsored by the PTSA.  
  • Entire grade level 6, 7 or 8 with the highest overall percent class participation will be awarded with a 1:45 release on a Friday in November to join classmates for snacks outside on the driveway.

All donations made July 1st or later this year will count towards the class participation donation contest. Equal credit will be given to each family with multiple students.

Every contribution helps, no matter how small. Thank you for your contribution to help make DHMS the very best experience for our middle schoolers.


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